Super Movement

About Us

Super Movement is three individuals who came together from a combined passion for movement, and genuine concern about the health of people within our community.

We worked tirelessly to keep our members moving during the COVID-19 Pandemic by switching to Online Training and loaning small apparatus to our clients. It was a seamless timetable transition from In-Studio to Online. Not a day was missed. Many of our clients increased the number of sessions they did from the comfort of their own homes. It has been so successful that we are continuing with the online access and enabling clients to visit the studio (dependent upon Government and Health Advice), and train virtually. All of our online sessions are recorded and saved to be viewed later.

We provide an open and caring space for all ages and fitness levels to improve mobility, core strength, posture and concentration.

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What our community has to say:

I have been doing pilates at super movement for 14 months now, after a recommendation by my PT Gabriel for niggling lower back/sacroiliac pain.

After starting with studio pilates, I am now doing both mat and studio sessions.

I have found that pilates has improved my ‘core’ strength and I am now relaxing my shoulders, neck and upper back.

I have increased body awareness and flexibility which has led to a reduction in the incidence of flare ups of my lower back pain.

I am enjoying my pilates so much that if I have limited time and need to choose between gym and pilates, pilates always wins, hands down.


I like that it’s interactive and different each session. I love that you can do multiple sessions a week and that I can get out of bed 5 min before the start time.


Yes, I’m loving being able to do as many as I have been.  Definitely notice positive changes and it’s been great for mental and physical health whilst homeschooling and working from home:)